Background reading about Web 2.0
I thought some background reading/links might be useful for course participants - putting Web 2.0 in context.
I'll start a list here:

Net Know How

Horizon reports

Web 2.0

School Libraries Futures project - NSW, Australia.
Note discussions on page 8, 15, 18

Organising digital resources - examples - ( theme = It's all about access).
See the Digital Literacy wiki

Outram School

School Library homepages and blogs

- The blogs and blogging page from this wiki and the library homepage examples from the Digital Literacy wiki which also links through to our website.

"The Ubiquitous Library"

A library available anytime, anywhere...
...For a few years this ideal was called "a library without walls." This went along with the idea of a "university without walls," which manifests itself today as online classes from all types of colleges and universities. In recent years libraries have added digital reference services, which were limited to just e-mail in the beginning but now include chat services...
From here 2004

Googling this term, I have found this interesting blog entry from "the ubiquitous librarian"
Levels of Patron Assistance

This is about a pyramid of patron assistance (think the food pyramid). The web presence is the big bottom level of the pyramid because, although it takes a lot to set up, it can then assist everyone very easily. For us, I guess this would apply more to secondary than primary and - at least this year - more for research than recreational reading. Interestingly, online help (emails, chatting etc) is higher up than the pyramid than in-person help, cos the author thinks it this is more complex and takes more time.

The author is the Assistant University Librarian at the University of California Santa Barbara. Here's what he had to say on his first blog post, in 2006
“The Ubiquitous Librarian is everywhere! The Ubiquitous Librarian constantly seeks new ways to interact with users. The Ubiquitous Librarian is all about participation. It's about stepping outside of the library and interacting with patrons wherever they may be: online, in the classroom, in the hallway, at football games, in the cafeteria, off campus. Instead of trying to force them into the library, into our world, the ubiquitous librarian is embedded into their world. It's about not pushing the library agenda, but rather about participating in the larger community we serve. Put simply: Instead of trying to make your library seem cool, be a librarian and do cool things.”
From here
I'm sure we can use this quote! As for living up to it, that's a hard ask!

OK, on the basis that this guy Brian Mathews, the ubiquitous librarian is a good bloke, I have looked up the UCSB website hereand this is some of the things they do
  • library news page with regular posts for students and staff
  • vast array of subject guides (where to find books, articles, web references etc on a particular topic)
  • take an mp3 tour (I really like this idea - download onto your ipod/mp3 player and wander around the library)
  • Ask a Librarian 24/7 chatting
  • email a librarian (this is something simple that all schools should be able to do)
  • several facebook fan pages, for different topics, including USSB Reads, a book group. Not all updated particularly.
  • laptop checkout - borrow laptops with all the library public computer setup for 4 hours
  • Flickr site (there are very few views of these, but could be a good idea, eg for library week, visiting authors, special activities - I think you can make the photos private, would have to check out how this could work. Photos can also go on your facebook page.)
  • Can search UC catalogues online, of course
  • article databases (our schools could link to EPIC, INNZ etc)

Ubiquitous school libraries

Springfield Township Virtual Library


Access My Library - school edition
This brings up Gale articles bought by your school librarian. Probably doesn't apply here, but would be great if it could be adapted to EPIC.

The 3 links below don't relate specifically to school libraries, but some might be useful.
Top 30 LIbrary iPhone apps - Part 1 - Apps created by libraries
Part 2 - vendor apps
Part 3 - Book related

School Libraries on Facebook

Tokoroa High School Library

New Canaan High School Library

Brentwood School Library

School Library Journal articles

"Librarians on Facebook" 1/10/07

" MySpace, Facebook Promote Literacy" 25/6/08

"Canadian Teens use Facebook to Save Library" 23/3/10

National Library School Services